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Sustainability across the value chain, from insights to actions. Because achieving net zero should be done together.

A Letter from the Founders

We're Phil and Ming and our company is called Retake.

Seven years ago, we met in our first Computer Science class at Harvard and quickly became close friends.

From 2020 to 2021, we ran an enterprise security company together called Whist, building a new kind of web browser for the most security-conscious teams. We raised capital, built a world-class team, and pioneered cutting-edge distributed systems technology.

In 2022, we decided to start something new. We began by asking ourselves a simple question: where in the world do we see the most pain, and where does it intersect with problems we care deeply about? And so we turned our heads toward sustainability.

We're building Retake not just to deliver best-in-class sustainability data tools, but to help companies retake control of their sustainability roadmap. We're cultivating not just engineering talent, but engineering discipline. We're not just solving pain points in sustainability; we're obsessing over the most efficient ways to address the most salient ones.

We're building a product that sustainability teams will love, and we'd be thrilled to bring you with us. If you think Retake can help you and your organization go to net zero faster, request access. If you want to join our team, drop us a line.

Until then,

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